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  What is Wlip?  

“Innovation is the cornerstone of every successful project,
just as water is the essence of life”.

Wlip (a blend of the words Water and Clip) is an accessory that attaches
to the neck of your water bottle, allowing you to hook it to your backpack,
your trousers or wherever you want!

With Wlip by Onceb, you and your water bottle will be inseparable.


The magic formula.

Wlip was conceived to cover the need to drink
bottled water, showcasing a great functional and
practical design. This resulted in an innovative
accessory to improve everyday life.

The purpose is clear: to sell a water bottle in
an already saturated market, based on a
groundbreaking element that makes it
stand out above the rest of the competition.

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But who’s behind Wlip?

Let us introduce ourselves, we’re Onceb Design Strategy, the company behind and manufacturer of Wlip, how’s everything with you?

Onceb is an innovation agency that conjures up ideas, launches them and turns them into reality. We create products from scratch or enhance those that already exist.



1.5 litres,
0.5 litres, etc.

No matter the size of your bottle, Wlip
fits to any existing format to make sure
you can carry your cherished water with
you wherever you go.

Onceb also adopts this strategy of adapting
to the surroundings, exploring all the nooks
and crannies of the market so that our
products are accompanied by a solid plan
that guarantees their success.

Chemical analysis.

Wlip was conceived as a product to cover
the needs of its target audience.

Before starting with the project, we took a
number of key goals into account: Deliver added
value to the product, adapt it to the lifestyle of its
target audience and incorporate techniques that
capture the potential customer’s attention in such
a competitive environment.


Nothing is real, except for one thing.

Onceb Design Strategy created Wlip as a strategic product to make us known as an
innovation agency, centring on a product idea, enhancements and added functions, as
well as an implementation strategy for the expansion of your company. Interested?

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